Ceramic Coating

Durable Coating for Car Parts in Middletown, DE

Since 2011, Crazy Coatings has provided Middletown, DE and customers across the nation with professional, timely coating services. We have experience coating a wide variety of metal products, from industrial equipment, to fences, to railings, to bicycles. We also specialize in coating motorcycle and car parts for customers nationwide. For these products that endure high temperatures, instead of powder coating, we apply ceramic coating.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Powder coating can only protect metal in temperatures up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit before it begins to degrade. However, ceramic coating can safeguard metal in up to 1700-degree temperatures.

Therefore, ceramic coating is the best option for engines and exhaust systems. It can increase your horsepower and car efficiency by reducing temperatures and friction under the hood of your car. The coating will keep heat inside the exhaust rather than letting it escape, conserving energy and increasing the lifespan of your exhaust.

Plus, a ceramic coating will provide your exhaust with a cool color and texture that is sure to make it stand out.

At Crazy Coatings, we also offer hydrographics as well as sandblasting, welding, custom fabrication and more. And for all of our services, we always include a free estimate.

To set up an estimate or for any questions or more information, contact us at 302-378-0888.