Additional Services

Sandblasting & Welding in Middletown, DE

Crazy Coatings in Middletown, DE has been your go-to family-owned coatings shop since 2011. We provide standard powder coatings and ceramic coatings for products that need to withstand extreme temperatures. With a huge variety of colors and textures in our powder offerings, you are sure to find what you are looking for. And if you want even more customization and aesthetic appeal, we offer hydrographics.

In addition to coating, we provide the following services for your metal products to make them look brand new:


Over time, metal can undergo a lot of damage, especially rusting. When you want a product coated, this rust must be removed for a smooth, clean finish. At Crazy Coatings, we have sandblasting specialists who will clean your product, which will allow for proper coating adhesion. From cars to fences to bikes to industrial equipment, we can sandblast any metal product.

Welding & Repair

If you have a weld that is falling apart, bring it to Crazy Coatings. Our experienced welding specialists will weld together your gate, car parts or any other product that needs to be reconnected. We also offer customized welding services if you would like an individualized look. When you come to us, you can rest assured that your welding job will last for a long time.

Gun Coatings

If your gun is getting a little shabby, at Crazy Coatings we can provide it with a fresh coat to get it looking like new. We can also give it a customized design using hydrographics or custom Cerakote finishes to make it unique.

Custom Fabrication

When you need a specialized metal piece for a specific purpose, we can create it at Crazy Coatings. We have years of experience in designing and creating custom parts for customers across the country. We will work with you to figure out what will work best for your needs and purposes.

Be sure to check out our Gallery for examples of work we have done throughout the years. For more information regarding any of our services or to schedule a free estimate, contact usat 302-378-0888.